April 2008

from Julie Bartholomew

I have returned from my travels ready for many exhilarating future events including The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA) BiennialExhibition, WHITE HEAT, at Manly Art Gallery and Museum and the AustralianCeramics Triennale, both scheduled for July 2009. Thank you to Karen Weiss, ourvice-president, for filling the position of chair while I was in China.

WHITE HEAT will show from 12 June – 19 July 2009. It will be presented concurrently with the Australian Ceramics Triennale, a Sydney-based event spanning four days during July 2009. WHITE HEAT will focus on “clay with issues”, primarily ceramics motivated by social, political or cultural concerns. The final days of the exhibition, including talks by the artists on Sunday 19 July, will link into the Australian Ceramics Triennale. Stay tuned for more information and a call for proposals in The Journal of Australian Ceramics, July 2008 edition.

Our next TACA meeting will be held at the Powerhouse Museum on Monday, 26 May at 6.30. Please note change of date. After the meeting I will present a talk about my residencies in China and contemporary Chinese ceramic practice. All welcome.


Sad News

Lex Dickson, ceramic artist from Clareville, died in late February, 2008. Lex’s wisdom and knowledge will be sadly missed. Lex’s important contribution to ceramics will be covered in the next issue, 47/2 of The Journal of Australian Ceramics.

Welcome to our new members:

Linda Detoma, Susie Blue, Jo-Anne Fuller, Malcolm Butterworth, Dawn Whitehand, Su Laird, Sarah Wong, Lynette Rogers, Stephanie Wheeler, Peter Ferguson, Louise Sass, Jacquie Hacansson, Barbi Lock Lee, Lisa Scarvelis, Feyona van Stom, Peter Bacos-Garan (Roof Top Pottery), Peter Revelman, Biljana Novakovic, Jenny Mulcahy, Shannon Garson, Vit Martinek, Helen Morris, Michaela Kloeckner, Cher Shackleton.

Author: Australian Ceramics

In 1956, The Potters Society of Australia was formed to encourage and foster the development, appreciation and recognition of potters and pottery. It was the first ceramics organisation in Australia. In 2006, our name was changed to The Australian Ceramics Association to more fully reflect the scope of practice of the members. We are a national, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of practising potters and ceramicists, students of ceramics and all those interested in Australian ceramics. We actively support and promote quality, specialist ceramics education nationally. T: 1300 720 124

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