October 2009 AGM

from Barbara Campbell-Allen, Acting President, TACA

In my role as acting president I will reflect briefly on the exciting year TACA has had.

The event of 2009 was the Australian Ceramics Triennale, Facing the Future. As Julie concluded, ‘a stream of stimulating and informative talks, action packed demonstrations, endless exhibition openings, long late-night pub conversations, a dazzling wind-up in the Cell Block with footage of Renegade Clay and a fantastic grand finale party at SCA.’ A big thank you to Merran Esson and her committee for the many hours spent organising, planning and doing the many tasks necessary for such an event to be successful. The ceramic community is much richer for the information, exhibitions and dialogue such events make possible.

Our editor Vicki Grima suggested to the ACT 09 committee that the July magazine focus exclusively on the Triennale; a very successful collaboration. The issue size was increased to include interviews with keynote speakers, studio interviews with workshop presenters and an exhibition guide. It also contained the catalogue for White Heat, TACA’s biennial exhibition held in collaboration with Manly Art Gallery and Museum. Our president Julie Bartholomew was the curator of an exhibition where established and emerging ceramic practitioners embraced a brief that focused on social, political and cultural concerns with an emphasis on sculpture, installation or non-functional vessel forms. The next Manly exhibition has been programmed for the end of 2011 and the committee is pleased that Gerry Wedd has accepted an invitation to be the curator. Being a national body the committee wishes to include non NSW members as much as possible in the life of TACA. This happens by involving guest editors, such as Rowley Drysdale for the wood-fire focus edition in April 2010, and interstate curators such as Prue Venables two years ago and Gerry for 2011. An initiative to encourage member participation is the exhibition 340 grams to coincide with Clay Energy at Gulgong in May 2010. Every member is encouraged to participate by taking 340grams of wet clay to make a bowl or sculpture – 340 grams being the weight of a copy of The Journal of Australian Ceramics.


Vicki missed our last AGM as she was participating in a ceramic tour of France slides of which she shared with us in a subsequent meeting. We are fortunate in having an editor willing and able to travel and communicate with so many of our members. Vicki is gradually visiting all states to participate in local events. She attended Damon Moon’s workshop in South Australia, visited the Pottery Expo in Melbourne as well as TAFEs and pottery suppliers. Visits to Western Australia and Queensland are imminent. At conferences Vicki enthusiastically represents TACA selling merchandise, subscriptions and discussing Journal issues. As an organisation we are very dependant on volunteers, but equally we have an editor who attends many exhibitions, travels interstate and works many hours beyond her contract. Another task taken on by Vicki has been the publication of a long essay by Milton Moon called Wabi and the Chawan. I enjoyed this well written article that weaves the practice and background of one of our foremost potters in an intriguing exploration of his personal journey making tea-bowls within his understanding of Zen. This publication re-establishes TACA as a publisher of small booklets.

Over the last twelve months Ellin Pooley and Vicki Grima have organised three workshops – one at the studio of Damon Moon in South Australia exploring thrown tea-bowls, ‘The Paperclay Revolution’ workshop with Graham Hay and an eagerly anticipated ‘Art of Photography ‘ by Caterina Pacialeo. Workshops continue to be well attended and organised. Thanks to Ellin and Vicki.

Jill Chapman continues steadily working on our archives for which we are very thankful. As we age so does our material, so having such a competent archivist willing to preserve our material is vital as well as timely. Our online newsletter, INTOUCH, continues to inform members of events, exhibitions both local and international and is collated by Marian McLaren. As an association we have benefited from Julie’s competent leadership, an office well run by Vicki and Ashley McHutchison, a magazine with a wonderful editor helped by Astrid in design and Carol with the advertising, a fantastic website by Grant, our finances overseen by Dennis Woollam and willing and available members to help at ‘bag the mag’ days. As an organisation we continue our steady growth with 507 members. In an environment of decreasing ceramic educational opportunities this augers well for the ceramic community.


We welcome these new members:

Susan Robey, Cathy Van Den Essen, Karen O’Connor, Guildford Village Potters, Tina Lee, Peter Martin, Tablelands Regional Gallery, Sharon Twining, Juliet Widdows, Lino Alvarez, Mervyn Mitchell, Edward Cole, Julie Goodwin, Bruce McWhinney, Jennifer Hodge, Christine Goode, Newcastle Studio Potters, Dianne Gray, Kate Fairbairn, Travis Jefferys, John Kuczwal, Maggie Corby, Karen Millar, Fleur Schell, Henri Hunsinger, Rhonda Reilly, Terry Marston, Kaye Rice, Margaret Summerton, Deborah Bains, Michelle Gibbes, Ron Fleming, Sally Spencer, Sam Keane, Lee Goller and Rose Daridis.

A new exhibition for members!

The Australian Ceramic Association announces its 2010 members’ exhibition: 340 grams

28 April – 2 May, 2010, during Clay Energy in the Masonic Hall, Gulgong.


Why 340 grams? This is the weight of a normal issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics.

Your challenge? Take 340 grams of wet clay and make a bowl or a sculpture.

Conditions of entry: Members must complete an Expression of Interest Form (downloadable from http://www.australianceramics.com or call 1300 720 124 and we will mail you one) and submit to The Australian Ceramics Association by 15 February 2010. A member may submit 1 or 2 works. Each completed work must weigh less than 340 grams. Each work must be accompanied, on delivery, by an entry form (downloadable from http://www.australianceramics.com closer to the time). All works must be for sale. TACA will charge 20% commission on sales.




Author: Australian Ceramics

In 1956, The Potters Society of Australia was formed to encourage and foster the development, appreciation and recognition of potters and pottery. It was the first ceramics organisation in Australia. In 2006, our name was changed to The Australian Ceramics Association to more fully reflect the scope of practice of the members. We are a national, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of practising potters and ceramicists, students of ceramics and all those interested in Australian ceramics. We actively support and promote quality, specialist ceramics education nationally. T: 1300 720 124

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