Trudie Alfred Bequest 2012, recipient Tracey Mitchell

To introduce myself – I am Tracey Mitchell, emerging ceramicist, Trudie Alfred Bequest recipient and fledgling blogger.

As a Scholarship receiver for 2012, the year has started off with an enthusiastic flurry –balancing work and family with my studies and ambitions – it is all very exciting.   My intention is to immerse myself in learning and to endeavour to get the most out of all opportunities that come my way.

I have eagerly embraced the start of an Advanced Diploma in Gymea TAFE, keen to begin a new path exploring sculptural form in more detail. I have set myself the task to take my hands off clay for a short time and to process in a deeper way, what I would like to express and how best to do it.

I have also been given an opportunity to attend NCECA (National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts) Conference in Seattle this year and with every updated conference/exhibition schedule, I get more and more excited, so it’s just as well I leave in 2 weeks!  I hope to meet some other Australians whilst away and having never been to USA or NCECA would be eager for any advice or feedback. I look forward to the challenges and hopefully growth, which 2012 will bring.


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