On The Edge, NCECA Seattle 2012

Having not long returned from an extraordinary NCECA Conference in Seattle, I think I am finally coming back to earth. I have seen so very much and listened to equally as much that I am only really now feeling like I can digest it all.

There was a long and extensive range of lecture subjects but my personal favorites were talks given by Jae Won Lee and Patti Warashina and demonstrations by Tip Tolland and Walter Keeler, all for their endearing honesty and outstanding work. In truth though, the manufacturer’s hall had me astounded and that was just the start.

Apparently there was over 190 exhibitions to see and around 5000 conference participants to see them! It was great to see some Australian work; Gail Nichols, Vipoo Srivilasa, Barbi Loch Lee and to have the opportunity to meet Janet De Boos who was there to lecture and represent ANU.

The most outstanding exhibition for me was PushPlay: 2012 NCECA Invitational. A collection of technically and conceptually brilliant works by 34 artists asked to respond to the relevance of play in contemporary life and its connections to art, creativity, technology, individuality and community. A personal standout was Anne Drew Potters’ circle of ostracizing girls in terracotta.

So now, back to earth, back to work, I am ready to get started, drawings are done, maquettes’ are made and now to the good stuff…

Tracey Mitchell, Trudie Alfred Bequest Recipient 2012

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