June 2012

by Patsy Hely, President

TACA is currently focusing on a number of issues, some related to The Journal, and some to the Association.

The Association is busy organizing its contributions to the 13th Australian Ceramics Triennale being held in Adelaide this September. Firstly, we hope many of you will submit work to the members’ VASE exhibition. You can find all of the details on http://www.australianceramics.com via the Association pages. Go to ‘members exhibition’ link. Note the closing date for an expression of interest is 30 July 2012.

Secondly, the Association is sponsoring a Graduate Student Research Panel, tentatively timetabled for 2pm on Sunday 30 September.  The ‘call for papers’, seeking research contributions with relevance to Australian ceramic history, attracted 8 abstracts submitted by PhD/Masters students from a number of institutions. Four papers have been selected to be presented, that number being determined by the time slots allocated for each Panel. The Selection Committee (Trisha Dean, Julie Bartholomew and myself) was very impressed by all of the abstracts and those selected for presentation will be announced in the coming days. The Association has committed to provide Triennale Registration for the 4 selected students and to contribute an additional $350 to each to help cover other costs of attendance. TACA sees this support of student research as integral to its core activities.

We have been in negotiation with Manly Art Gallery and Museum to determine a date for the next Member’s Exhibition. The Gallery’s programming for next year sees our biennial exhibition date in 2013 shifted to 28 March – 4 May 2014 and we see opportunities for us in this change. Our task now is to identify a curator and we will have more news for you on this front shortly.

We are also continuing to liaise with Triennale organizers to hold an event celebrating the Journal’s 50th year of continuous publication. This is a follow-on event from the celebration at Manly earlier this year and our aim here is to enable colleagues nationally to take part in raising a glass to the past and ongoing success of the Journal and to toast and thank all of those who have made it possible.

Finally, JAC’s editor, Vicki Grima – with the support of the Committee – has developed a Licence to Publish in readiness for adding online publication of the Journal as an option for those who prefer to receive the Journal in that form. Publication in this mode requires such an Agreement between the Journal and authors and Vicki has done a great job developing a ‘user-friendly’ document in consultation with ArtsLaw and the publishers of a number of comparable journals.


Under the Surface – creativity and mark making: A two-day workshop with Shannon Garson on 4 + 5 August 2012 at Maleny Arts & Crafts Group in Maleny QLD. Participants will use drawing and surface techniques to explore ceramics as a form of self-expression; $290 per person; ($270 members of TACA). Fee includes a delicious lunch at Shannon’s home. For information and bookings contact The Australian Ceramics Association, T: 1300 720 124; E: mail@australianceramics.com

TACA has booked the Workshop Arts Centre in Willoughby for 27 + 28 October for an intensive two day workshop with Sandy Brown, an international ceramicist, sculptor and painter from the UK; http://www.sandybrownarts.com. The workshop, Learning About Oneself by Doodling in Clay, focuses on loosening up exercises, designed to increase an intuitive approach to clay handling. Participants will discover a deeper source of creativity, develop trust in their instincts, learn about themselves, find their true voice and integrate body, mind and soul; $340* per person ($320 members of TACA); * Plus each participant is required to bring their own clay – 4 bags stoneware; maximum number in the workshop: 8; For information and bookings contact The Australian Ceramics Association, T: 1300 720 124; E: mail@australianceramics.com

We’ve got you covered with JAC’s 50th Anniversary teatowel ($15) and potter’s apron ($30); order yours today by calling TACA office on 1300 720 124 or email, mail@australianceramics.com

New Members
We welcome these new members: Lisa Wise, Freda Bosgra, Nicola Purcell, Gemma Mather, Nicky Parras, Amanda McMillan, Marlize Myburgh, Robyn Hosking, Kate O’Brien, Izette Felthun, Stephanie Hammill, Stephanie Edgecombe, Caroline Hale, Rowena Hannan, Nadja Burke, Linda Burns, Shin Koyama, Elena Bozhko-Marshall, Linda Back, Ronnie Van Hout, Phil Greed, Katherine Lehmann, Chester Nealie, Myles Happ, Sharon Muir, Jenny Orchard, Susie Shatwell, Louise Gordon, Zani McEnnally, Julia Peacock and Toni Park.


Author: Australian Ceramics

In 1956, The Potters Society of Australia was formed to encourage and foster the development, appreciation and recognition of potters and pottery. It was the first ceramics organisation in Australia. In 2006, our name was changed to The Australian Ceramics Association to more fully reflect the scope of practice of the members. We are a national, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of practising potters and ceramicists, students of ceramics and all those interested in Australian ceramics. We actively support and promote quality, specialist ceramics education nationally. T: 1300 720 124

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