An invitation to participate: the course of objects; the fine lines of inquiry

Dear TACA Member,

You are invited to submit a proposal for The Australian Ceramics Association’s Biennial Exhibition 2014.

The title, the course of objects: the fine lines of inquiry, is not intended so much as a theme, but as a way to gather and map current working practices and ideas … the very things you have been working on, experimenting with, teasing out and refining in your studio! The exhibition is a way to capture these shifting interests and approaches in the making of ceramic objects.

I feel certain there are going to be strong similarities, and yet interesting differences, between the objects and ideas being explored through the clay medium. These I call affinities and correspondences, which I am interested to pull together in the exhibition installation.

The exhibition at Manly Art Gallery and Museum provides an important time for discussion with colleagues and like-minded enthusiasts and collectors.  The plan is to have a public program to accompany the exhibition. Plans are afoot to endeavour to travel the exhibition and to produce a catalogue that considers some of the issues raised in the exhibited work.

A few years ago I asked some prominent international curators what they thought exhibitions really do. Their replies varied. One curator working in Paris said, “ … on their own exhibitions didn’t do a great deal. It is when they are linked to dialogue, where there are opportunities for networks of viewers and artists to be created, that exhibitions have a positive role to play”. Another curator saw exhibitions in themselves in a more positive light, saying that exhibitions could activate thinking, stimulate creativity and genuinely excite people; and that contemporary art and craft practices were engaging with sophisticated ideas. It was in this way, exhibitions of contemporary art and craft added to public intellectualism because the ideas explored through them were important to a civic society.

This is my hope for the course of objects.

Please consider participating by sending a proposal/rationale of current or projected work, (100–150 words), a disc with 3–5 images of related work and a current 1-page CV.

Applications  close: 15 April 2013   Artists notified: 31 May 2013

Exhibition dates: 2 May – 8 June 2014 (Please not change from original dates)

Susan Ostling, Curator

Please post proposal packages to Susan Ostling, The Australian Ceramics Association, PO Box 274 Waverley NSW 2024
Selected artists will receive $100 participants fee.
Exhibitors must be financial members of The Australian Ceramics Association.

The Australian Ceramics Association
PO Box 274
Waverley NSW 2024

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2 thoughts on “An invitation to participate: the course of objects; the fine lines of inquiry

  1. Sharyn Dingeldei says:

    Hi, Is there any option to email our proposal/entry? Cheers, Sharyn

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