October 2012 AGM

TACA has been greatly dismayed to hear of the savage cuts to TAFE art courses – including ceramics – announced in the last few days by the NSW government. These cuts have the potential to make a huge impact on ceramic practice at all levels in this country – from the school system to higher education institutions, where TAFE-trained students make up a significant group. I urge members to sign the online petition being run by Fund Art Education in NSW TAFE at www.communityrun.org/petitions/fund-art-education-in-nsw-tafe.

This year has been a particularly busy and productive one for TACA and it is with much pleasure that I set out below some very tangible outcomes achieved by the Association over the last twelve months.

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October 2011 AGM

by Patsy Hely, President

Finalisation of the 50th anniversary celebration is a TACA priority at the moment. We have negotiated for the celebration to be held at Manly Art Gallery and Museum, 5.30-7.30pm on Sunday 22 January 2012. This will be the final day of the Association’s exhibitions, The Narrative Knot and PROmotion, and so the awarding of the first Trudie Alfred Ceramic Bequest Scholarships, originally planned for the closing of PROmotion, will be incorporated into the 50th event.

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October 2010 AGM

by Julie Bartholomew

After being in China and Taiwan for six months of 2009 I returned to the TACA presidency in February 2010. The first major event for this year was Clay Energy in Gulgong. TACA staged a member’s exhibition titled 340 grams and 120 members registered for the show. Vicki and Ashley managed the event and organised a well-attended breakfast opening. Apart from many excellent talks and demonstrations, particularly from Ken Yonetani, Louise Boscacci and Torbjørn Kvasbø, Janet’s Gulgong event was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with ceramic practitioners and enthusiasts.

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October 2009 AGM

from Barbara Campbell-Allen, Acting President, TACA

In my role as acting president I will reflect briefly on the exciting year TACA has had.

The event of 2009 was the Australian Ceramics Triennale, Facing the Future. As Julie concluded, ‘a stream of stimulating and informative talks, action packed demonstrations, endless exhibition openings, long late-night pub conversations, a dazzling wind-up in the Cell Block with footage of Renegade Clay and a fantastic grand finale party at SCA.’ A big thank you to Merran Esson and her committee for the many hours spent organising, planning and doing the many tasks necessary for such an event to be successful. The ceramic community is much richer for the information, exhibitions and dialogue such events make possible.

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October 2008 AGM

from Julie Bartholomew, President

TACA has witnessed a year of new initiatives, exciting events in Australia and abroad, a renewed focus on workshops and a considerable increase in membership.

Since our last AGM, editor Vicki Grima has attended two inspirational ceramics events. They were Sturt Woodfire 2008 in Mittagong and the 2nd International Ceramics Magazine Editors Association Conference in Fuping, China. In Mittagong, Megan Patey and her team created a historic event that was well attended with excellent presentations, demonstrations and action-packed woodfirings. In China, Vicki received excellent feedback from international delegates with regard to the high standard of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. This response acknowledged Vicki’s capabilities as editor and the high standard for Australian ceramics.

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