Upcycled Utensils by Kristin Pavelka

Kristin Pavelka Nutcracker


For all you out there that enjoy making utensils to accompany your pots or if you’d like to add a ‘string to your ceramic bow’ then this tutorial by American ceramicist Kristin Pavelka is for you.

Kristin upcycles (love a buzz word) old utensils by creating new handles for them. She has very generously shared her technique in this article for ceramics art daily.

If you give this a go send us in some pictures of your adventures. We’d love to see and share them.


Last Sunday a gaggle of 20 TACA potters descended at Eveleigh Artisans’ Markets in inner city Sydney for a day of selling, networking and lots of laughing. This is the third year we have participated in the November market with a special Ceramic Showcase and I think everyone will agree that regardless of how much you sell, much of the rewards are reaped in receiving feedback from potential customers and catching up with fellow potters. Yes, I saw many of you deep in discussion for much of the day. Thank you to all the participants and particularly to Kathryn Mitchell, Somchai Charoen and the ladies from Macquarie Hills Potters for demonstrating throughout the day. These days inspire a sense of community and is an affirmation for making which recharges the creative batteries and inspires for the year to come.

Elisa Bartels

For more photos of the day go here