The 2013 winners of The Trudie Alfred Bequest Ceramic Scholarships have been announced to great cheer.

Antonia Throsby, "Midden", 2011-2012, various dimensions; ©
Antonia Throsby, “Midden”, 2011-2012, various dimensions; ©
Kate Jones, 2012, handbuilt terracotta, grouping, h.60cm, w.60cm, d.40cm
Kate Jones, 2012, handbuilt terracotta, grouping, h.60cm, w.60cm, d.40cm
Alice Couttoupes, "Colonial Gaze, Banksia Coccinea", 2011, H.45cm, w.45cm, d.20cm
Alice Couttoupes, “Colonial Gaze, Banksia Coccinea”, 2011, H.45cm, w.45cm, d.20cm
Anne-Marie Jackson, "Negative space 2", 2012, left, h.13.5cm, w.17cm
Anne-Marie Jackson, “Negative space 2”, 2012, left, h.13.5cm, w.17cm
Mary-anne Bridge, "Balance – Big Red & Friend", 2012, h.14cm, w.25cm, d.17cm
Mary-anne Bridge, “Balance – Big Red & Friend”, 2012, h.14cm, w.25cm, d.17cm

Trudie Alfred (1922 – 2010) was a well-known Sydney potter and teacher with a great passion for ceramics. She struggled financially to sustain a ceramic practice in her early years as a potter and so, to assist others in a similar position, left a generous bequest to The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA).

TACA will award up to 5 scholarships per year (2012-2016), each valued at $4000 (ie. total $20,000 per year for 5 years).

Thank you to Judges of the 2nd round (2012/2013): Stephen Benwell (VIC), Ben Richardson (TAS), Patsy Hely (ACT) and Vicki Grima (NSW) for their deliberations and to all 34 applicants who made the judges’ job a hard one.

Applications for 2013/2014 will be announced in The Journal of Australian Ceramics, issue 52/1.
Deadline: mid September 2013.


December 2012

by Patsy Hely, President

It has been a busy few months for TACA. Firstly there was the migration to Adelaide for the Australian Ceramic Triennale, then we were busy writing letters about the woeful cuts to TAFE ceramics and visual arts areas and last week a panel met to consider the entries for The Trudie Alfred Bequest Ceramic Scholarships.

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Upcycled Utensils by Kristin Pavelka

Kristin Pavelka Nutcracker


For all you out there that enjoy making utensils to accompany your pots or if you’d like to add a ‘string to your ceramic bow’ then this tutorial by American ceramicist Kristin Pavelka is for you.

Kristin upcycles (love a buzz word) old utensils by creating new handles for them. She has very generously shared her technique in this article for ceramics art daily.

If you give this a go send us in some pictures of your adventures. We’d love to see and share them.


Last Sunday a gaggle of 20 TACA potters descended at Eveleigh Artisans’ Markets in inner city Sydney for a day of selling, networking and lots of laughing. This is the third year we have participated in the November market with a special Ceramic Showcase and I think everyone will agree that regardless of how much you sell, much of the rewards are reaped in receiving feedback from potential customers and catching up with fellow potters. Yes, I saw many of you deep in discussion for much of the day. Thank you to all the participants and particularly to Kathryn Mitchell, Somchai Charoen and the ladies from Macquarie Hills Potters for demonstrating throughout the day. These days inspire a sense of community and is an affirmation for making which recharges the creative batteries and inspires for the year to come.

Elisa Bartels

For more photos of the day go here

October 2012 AGM

TACA has been greatly dismayed to hear of the savage cuts to TAFE art courses – including ceramics – announced in the last few days by the NSW government. These cuts have the potential to make a huge impact on ceramic practice at all levels in this country – from the school system to higher education institutions, where TAFE-trained students make up a significant group. I urge members to sign the online petition being run by Fund Art Education in NSW TAFE at

This year has been a particularly busy and productive one for TACA and it is with much pleasure that I set out below some very tangible outcomes achieved by the Association over the last twelve months.

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No hiking boots and dehydrated food packs required when you go on this adventure. Art trails and open studios are a great way to meet and buy directly from makers within a city area or regional Australia. Both local councils and State governments are actively promoting their creative communities and striving to bring them out of the shadows for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

There is a range of art trails available. Some trails such as the Heidelberg School Artist Trail ( and the Fleurieu Peninsula Art Trail in South Australia ( are permanent and maps can be downloaded for year round use.

Others like The Bathurst Arts Trail (, a collective of artists throughout the Bathurst region, open galleries to visitors on the first weekend of each month. This weekend Willoughby City Council as part of its Spring Festival will be hosting its 10th Open Studio Weekend ( and Manly Arts ( is including an art trail as part of their annual festival.

Some of our members already participate in these events. If you don’t and would like to have more exposure not only in your local community but Australia wide consider doing research to see if there is an art trails or open studio program in which you can participate. If there isn’t maybe now is the time to get together with fellow artists and ‘blaze a trail’ in your part of the world.


Come one – come all to Shannon Garson’s exhibition at Narek Galleries on the NSW south coast at Tanja from 28 September – 12 November, 2012.

This is what Karen O’Clery, Director of Narek Galleries had to say about her work:

Shannon Garson has developed her unique approach to porcelain, combining draftsmanship with the ceramic making processes, over the past decade. In 2005 she received a Churchill Fellowship and spent 3 months traveling in Europe studying the art of the medieval and Renaissance periods.”I want the surface of the pot to be part of the drawing, not just a surface for the drawing to sit on. I want the whole pot to be experienced, from the weight of it as you pick it up, the texture, the drawing, colour, smoothness of the glaze, all the elements draw the viewer into experiencing the vessel.”

Shannon Garson’s latest work articulates landscape using domestic pots as vessels for drawings about the strange beauty and wonder to be found in the marginalized eco-systems of the littoral zone. Details of shorelines, rock pools and coastal wallum scrub are revealed in the sgraffito and oxide drawings that crawl over the surface of these delicately thrown porcelain vessels. The act of beach-combing, gleaning and collecting is analogous to the process used in making these works. Images, bird-footprints, tiny flowers completely covered in white hairs, the myriad detail of the landscape has been collected into marks. A visual language mapping the experience of being in the landscape, creating a dialogue between domestic life and nature.

The gallery is open Friday to Monday, 10.30am – 5.30pm.

Narek Galleries
Old Tanja Church
1140 Tathra Bermagui Rd, Tanja
NSW 2550
T: 02 6494 0112;

Work Experience Report by Emily Byrne

Today is Friday 20 July and my pleasant working experience has come to an end. Now that I know that it’s possible to get paid for this, I am not looking forward to going back to school on Monday.

I set off on day one unsure of what to expect. I knew that the real issue here would be waking up at 7am every morning after two weeks of my lazy school holiday schedule. Somehow, after two trains and a bus, I managed to travel from my grandparent’s house in Kirribilli to Waverley before 9.30. On arrival, I was introduced to Ashley and Vicki who I had met briefly and who have been lovely and patient with me all week. As soon as I got here I realised how small and friendly the pottery world is. I was greeted with “Oh, you’re Jen Lyall’s daughter!” by a number of office visitors. My first day consisted mainly of packing parcels for people who are, to me, just some of mum’s friends, but to anyone else I suppose they are the “the director of something at an arts college a long way away”. My favourite thing about doing work experience here has definitely been how tightly knit the community of ceramists across Australia are.

My curiosity usually gets the best of me, so my first day also consisted of getting lost in the streets of Waverley during my lunch break. On my second day, after a spontaneous trip to Bronte beach in the morning, I left my wallet on a bus. This was a bit of a dilemma, but by some strike of luck it turned up at the bus depot the next day. Most of my time at home is dedicated to blogging and assignments, and so working here seemed very leisurely compared to school. I updated The Australian Ceramics Association’s blog,, and made a few posts. Vicki and I also made a competition for TACA’s friends on Facebook, which I got the pleasure of judging.

I’m glad that I got to do work experience for such a small, intimate magazine. I got to see how everything is done and created as a whole. I feel so lucky to be here rather than some huge publishing company, where I’d probably only get to see a very small part of the big picture.

I loved being able to walk to the coffee shop and get something to eat during my lunch break. Being able to walk everywhere is probably my second favourite thing about staying in the city and doing work experience near the ocean. I could stroll down to the beach after work, or walk through Centennial Park on my way there. The location is something I’ve really appreciated this week after living my spread out life in the Hill’s district. The most enjoyable task I was been given this week was drawing six biro sketches of hands making a pinch pot, which I just finished. I love drawing and it’s something I spend my spare time doing, so being able to do it at work was amazing.

Overall, I can hardly believe what an enjoyable week I’ve had here. I’ve heard stories from friends who hated their work experience and had a terrible time, and I feel so privileged in that I have had so much fun. I’ll be leaving with a much greater understanding of ceramics and what my mum does for a living. Work experience here makes me wish I had actual qualifications, so that I could get a job here in such a lovely place with such kind people. I’ve had such a fantastic time here, and if this is what the real world is like, it’s a lot nicer than I thought it would be.

Emily Byrne



Time is running out for all members who sent back an EOI to get your vase made, glazed, fired and ready for the The 50th Anniversary Vase Show which will be a part of Subversive Clay, Australian Triennale 2012. The display of over 100 vases will take place at the Kaurna Building, Uni of SA, 28 September – 1 October 2012. Open 9am – 5pm. I know it can be subversive to leave it to the last minute but you don’t don’t want to miss out on being a part of this national exhibition. For more information on the Triennale  go here

For all you lucky folk attending this clay extravaganza the Journal of Australian Ceramics will be celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary at 5.15pm in the Allan Scott Auditorium. It will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this milestone with members from all around Australia so come and raise a glass in celebration of this achievement.


August 2012

by Patsy Hely, President

TACA has a very broad constituency, one that encompasses practitioners with different interests, motivations and ambitions, and lovers of ceramics from all walks of life. We currently have a number of projects on the go that aim to meet the needs of a variety of members and these include, importantly, two providing financial and other opportunities for students of ceramics:

The current issue of the Journal invites applications for The Trudie Alfred Bequest Ceramic Scholarships 2013. In administering this second round of scholarships we pay tribute to the late Trudie Alfred who bequeathed TACA a significant fund to support ceramic education.

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Come! Take part! Eveleigh Artisans Market

Like to take part in Eveleigh Artisans Market Ceramics Showcase?
Sunday 4 November 2012; 10am – 3pm
243 Wilson St, Darlington, NSW (adjacent to Carriageworks)

Catherine Tate at EAM November 2011

The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA) has once again booked 10 stalls at Eveleigh Artisans Market (EAM) for Sunday 4 November 2012. Each stall can cater for 2 people to display their work. TACA has also been asked to run demonstrations throughout the day. In return for giving a one hour demonstration, TACA is happy to give three demonstrators a free space on a stall. Demonstrators will need to bring all their own demonstrating equipment. We are aiming to display the work of 20 potters – 2 potters per stall (1 stall = 3 tables), 10 stalls.Cost to participate: $45 per person, payable to TACA (do not send payment until notified).

Participation is open to members of TACA who hold Public and Product Liability Insurance. All participants must hold a current Public Liability Insurance Policy (preferably with TACA) to take part in the market. A Certificate of Currency must be supplied to TACA for every participant, at the time of payment for your space.

Check out TACA’s stalls from November 2011 here

Please submit your EXPRESSION OF INTEREST by Friday 24 August 2012.
Your EOI will include your name, contact details, a few lines about your work along with an image (jpg file, less than 1 MB) of the work you will display at EAM.
Send your EOI to:, marked “EAM EOI” in the subject line.
Successful applicants will be advised by 24 September.

For more information drop us an email, or give us a call.


Vicki Grima
Editor, The Journal of Australian Ceramics
E.O., The Australian Ceramics Association
PO Box 274 / Rear 249 Bronte Rd
Waverley NSW 2024
T: 1300 720 124
F: 61 (0)2 9369 3742
skype: australianceramics
Contact us via Facebook
Current issue: JAC Issue 51/2

Hands as Tools Photographic Competition

JAC’s new PHOTOGRAPHIC competition for Issue 51/3, Nov 2012, The Journal of Australian Ceramics
pinch, press, pull, pug, print … show how hands can be used as tools.

The Prize: publication of your image (full page) in Issue 51/3 of The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC), books to the value of $200 from our online shop or 2 years membership of The Australian Ceramics Association. The choice will be yours.

Conditions of Entry:
One entry per person.
A selection of the best images will be featured in The JAC, Issue 51/3, to be published on 20 November 2012.
Image format: 300 dpi jpg file, minimum size 1MB, maximum size 4MB. DO NOT email tiff files.
Portrait and landscape formats are acceptable, although portrait images (24.5cm X 17cm suit JAC’s format best).
All photos must be accompanied by the following information: photographers name, location and date of image.
Photos must have been taken in 2012.
There should be no digital manipulation of the image.
By entering the competition, you give The Australian Ceramics Association license to publish your photograph in The JAC (paper and digital) and on our website (via Flickr),

Deadline for images: Friday 14 September 2012

Images can be emailed to: with the subject heading “HANDS AS TOOLS”, or mailed on a disc to HANDS AS TOOLS, PO Box 274 Waverley NSW 2024.

Vicki Grima
Editor, The Journal of Australian Ceramics
E.O., The Australian Ceramics Association
PO Box 274 / Rear 249 Bronte Rd
Waverley NSW 2024
T: 1300 720 124
F: 61 (0)2 9369 3742
skype: australianceramics
Contact us via Facebook
Current issue: JAC Issue 51/2

Kerrie Lowe Gallery: Woodfire 2012

Get your diaries out, because this Friday 20 July comes the opening night of the 2012 Annual Woodfire exhibition at Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 6 – 8 pm.

As you step inside Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown, you will find the work of 21 various woodfire potters from all over Australia.

Featured, will be a variety of unique pieces from Judy Boydell, Barbara Campbell-Allen, Kwi Rak Choung, Geoff Crispin, Rowley Drysdale, Su Hanna, Steve Harrison, Jann Kesby, Janine King, Daniel Lafferty, Janet Mansfield, Susie McMeekin, Chester Nealie, Cath O’Gorman, Joshua Rowell, Owen Rye, Geoff Thomas, Yuri Wiedenhofer, Steve Wiliams, Kirk Winter and Roswitha Wulff.

The Gallery will be open 6 – 8 pm on Friday, and 10:30am – 5:30pm (7pm on Thursdays) from Monday to Saturday. If you can’t make the opening night, make sure you get down to the exhibition before it closes on the 14 August 2012.

Kerrie Lowe Gallery:

49-51 King Street, Newtown

NSW 2042

For more information


T: 02 9550 4433

F: 02 9550 1996

Or visit:

June 2012

by Patsy Hely, President

TACA is currently focusing on a number of issues, some related to The Journal, and some to the Association.

The Association is busy organizing its contributions to the 13th Australian Ceramics Triennale being held in Adelaide this September. Firstly, we hope many of you will submit work to the members’ VASE exhibition. You can find all of the details on via the Association pages. Go to ‘members exhibition’ link. Note the closing date for an expression of interest is 30 July 2012.

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